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  1. Release Date 2017
  2. Catjia Rehkamp
  3. synopsis Olivea Medicine Woman is a short starring Olivea Shure. Olivea Medicine Woman is a Reiki master, shaman and dancer from NYC. She channels such light and love that being in her presence is transformative and healing. But, when she
  4. Genre Short

Mac tubeplus Lo que lleva el río

runtime: 1 Hours, 44 minute. actors: Eddie Gómez. Mario Crespo. Brief: Dauna dared to be different. She faced the ancestral practices of her culture and she paid the price. She made decisions which made herself suffer and others as well. Without giving up before defeats and loses, these led her to reconcile and become part of a legend herself. Liked it: 42 Vote

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Directed by=Jeremiah Kipp
abstract=Mommy Mafia is a TV movie starring Adam Auslander, Chris Baker, and Sheilah Barksdale. A mischievous mommy support group stumbles into a hilarious series of misadventures on the mean streets of yuppie Brooklyn, rubbing elbows with