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rating - 8,2 / 10
Description - In a classroom newly arrived refugees learn a lesson about multifarious Europe. Operating at the intersection of fiction and documentary, Stranger in Paradise reflects on the power relations between Europeans and refugees in a candid fashion
casts - Valentijn Dhaenens
Director - Guido Hendrikx


directors - Derek Savage
country - USA
release year - 2016
brief - Daddy Derek, writer and actor of the spectacular phenomenon known as 'Cool Cat Saves the Kids' brings us a new informative spectacle about Gun Safety and Self-Defense for Women. Watch it, it will be the greatest and most helpful film you will ever see. Daddy Derek promises us a safe life, we cannot let go of that opportunity
casts - Derek Savage

[ios] Cuckold sharefile 123movies help me find movie star Louis Roux

Countries South Africa; actor Terry Pheto; liked it 16 Votes; Summary Cuckold is a movie starring Terry Pheto, Louis Roux, and Charlie Vundla. When an assistant professor's wife leaves him his life spirals into a world of debauchery, with only the hope of an old friend to save him from ruin; writed by Charlie Vundla