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Kane Kosugi; rating: 4,5 / 10 star; Country: China; writers: Li Wan, Fengjin Ye; Review: Having taken his father's advice, one man decides to return home in pursuit of a fresh start. While training at his father's martial arts school, he learns that his father has given consent to sell the school to a rival martial arts school

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Harman had heard that love makes life wonderful, but life had taught him that he has to make his life wonderful to get his love. Harman is a quintessential middle class male in love with Simran, but Simran belongs to an elite family. Like any cupid-struck lover, Harman vows that he will make himself and his life worth Simran. Harman in his pursuit of love and happiness goes to Bangkok, where he expects his life to take a U-turn and fulfill his comparatively small but wildest dream of getting Simran; 2012; directed by=Ravindra Peepat; rating=7,3 of 10; Harman


6,3 of 10 Star; scores - 75 votes; Director - Jong-Hoon Lee; Go-yang-i jang-rye-sik is a movie starring Kang In, Se-young Park, and Gyu-Woon Jung. Dong-Hoon and Jae-Hee are ex-lovers. When they were together, they raised a cat named Gooreumi. After their breakup, Dong-Hoon looked after the; stars - Kang In