Couldn't say it any better then the Two comments before me; but had to write this anyway.
The Subject matter in film would make a lot of people I know feel very uneasy; I'm not used to seeing this kind of dialog in most movies I watch. Definitely a Creepy Subject.
The 'fast pace' of the film reminded me a bit of: HILL STREET BLUES" one of the first 'Cop Shows' on TV, with this kind of Fast Pace.
Not understanding French, feel that I wasn't getting ALL that was being said, but got enough.
Some People will NOT watch films with Sub Titles; their loss. If you're One of Them- maybe you should start.
Lastly: One scene had me laughing out loud; was the Only Real 'funny' scene, in this Serious film about a serious subject; but isn't Life Just like that.