2.5 million views and most are from me. I guess this really sends across to people who suffer alot with depression and with other invisible illnesses. mentally and physically... The worry and frustration of wanting to tell people but frightened nobody will understand you or how you feel. its really stressful and all we think is its better to bottle it up and keep us away from judgement from people who dont understand but only make us feel worse... this really touches deep. Were missing you Kevin 💔 Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful man 💔. Because Robert n I watched some of this video being made it breaks my heart to see it, today is the first time I watched without bursting into tears. I love you Robert R.I.P. The love of my life is gone 😢😢and there's nothing I do about it. my heart is broken.

So much love I ❤️ still have for her only if she really knew then she would understand god 🙏💔. Watch~Nobody~Knows~My~Online~Bravo #Nobody Knows Myfullmovieyoutube (Nobody`Knows`My`Songs) DownLoad`TorRent.

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I cry every time i hear songs like this of pink. i just love her. she is the type of an artist who can make you feel the most joy and make you cry the most by their music. One of those knows how it feels unless they've been there. The anxiety,the fight or flight feeling, and your heart racing. After that the tears. I can relate this song so much. Listen to this song 2019, I miss her so much, she made me a better man that Im now.

One of all mom-friends of mine, Pink! your eyes has seen, sounded more like CIA said backward. Avissi. This song literally explained me in 3 minutes and 55 seconds.


354 ppl don't know what it is to love and lose.






Where Nobody Knows My Name Lyrics. Nobody Knows My Songs by Boboso, Mixcloud.


Nobody Knows My Songs (2017. NOBODY KNOWS MY SONGS. I am not doing photography. I am creating a friendship! In the months before his departure, while browsing streets of Toronto. BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY at 2016 Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival Berge Arabian, a photographer, an immigrant, a mid-aged Armenian who grew up.

Nobody Knows My Songs, A Film by Zoran Maslic

Nobody Knows My Songs Poster. A photographer enters the world of a homeless punk rocker who is in love and the project turns into a friendship. It becomes an. Where Nobody Knows My Name Lyrics - John Hiatt - Soundtrack. P!nk's official music video for 'Nobody Knows. Click to listen to P!nk on Spotify: As featured on I'm Not. 2009年8月6日. 2009.08.21に1st FULL ALBUM「NEVER WANNA BE SEVENTEEN AGAiN」をI HATE SMOKE RECORDSよりリリース. Nobody Knows My Songs - Festival Focus. Nobody Knows My Songs, DOKweb.