The Rock teases Kevin Hart about his fear of camels. and poodles. DISTRIBUTOR Avail Films- XVIII Entertainment, LLC AND Director Minh Collins Brings us the revealing documentary, Rocking the Couch.
The first documented Hollywood sexual abuse case was September 5, 1921. Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle raped actress Virginia Rappe. It was so bad she died 4 days later. William Randolph Hearst a big newspaper reporter fueled the fire for this case. After 3 trials he was found not guilty! There was not enough evidence and all charges were dropped. But this was only the beginning.
Natalie Wood was another victim who in the 50's was raped by a A list actor and was told to keep quiet or it would be the last thing she ever does and would ruin her career. It was a thing that happened so often in the early days of a Hollywood that it was sought of hushed and ignored but everyone knew about cluding the unions! Even the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock has since been ousted and sexually abusing Tippi Hedren.
The documentary that Minh has made really digs deep and exposes a terrible thing that has plagued Hollywood and was pretty much joked about. But the women lives it destroyed was never sympathized or taken seriously until recently.
Thanks to the high profile cases of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein these ladies can now come out and say hey, Me Too" These actresses were at one time were to
Scared because either they thought it was a normal thing or they just didn't want to jeopardize there careers. But this almost was abolished back in 1992. 12 little know actresses came forward and got a case against then talent agent and super perv Wallace Kaye! They went against all odds and didn't listen to the usual oh that's the way it is. Or you will never work again in this town. They took him to court and testified. They won in court but lost in the long listened or really took them seriously and it went away again and the casting couch still existed.
It's amazing how many actresses young and old. A listers, B queens they are all coming out. Coming out and exposing Actors, Directors, Producers and everyone else in the industry. From the guys on top to just agents using there power to persuade the vulnerable. At one time they used there power and wealth. These sick individuals abused and took advantage of young starlets. Young ladies that were blinded by fame and fortune and willing to do ything to Achieve! Now the tables are turned and thanks to Minh Collins
And his creative team help these victims tell there story and have closure!
In final My heart goes out to Alana Crow her heartbreaking recollection of her encounters are so sad, tears will come to your eyes. What this poor women went through and nobody listened. Well Alana now you will be heard and hopefully heal!
Special note to the hard working Jerry Sommer. He produced, Edited and handled the Cinematography!
Director/Writer: Minh Collins
Producers: Andrea Evens and Jerry Sommer
Starring: Lauren Anastasi-Peter, Ikon Barenbolm, Alana Crow, Jennifer Durst, Andrea Evans, Tiffani Fest and Sadie Katz.

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