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I used a razor scooter for my yoke. Awesome! Thank you for posting this tutorial. Good video. That helped a lot! can you make a video about car scene at night, lighting? Thank you. MORE STUFF LIKE THIS. Great and creative way to get the desired results but Poor Man's Process? Hardly... I guess if Aperture is just giving you lights to fulfill your commitments to them sponsoring your video then yeah they were free, but those lights are not within a poor mans budget. Love the video just not what I was expecting is all from the title's wording.

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Japan's Defense Strategy




Period: 2681.18 days, Submissions,Comments. Total_ 999,3042 _ Rate (per day. 0.37,1.13 _ Unique Redditors_ 371,1405 _ Combined Score_ 70885,7619. Top Submitters' Top Submissions 1. 8322 points, 143 submissions: u/obsabs 1. [Dawn. 117 points, 7 comments] comments/2qtcd4) 1. [Snake [1920x1080. 116 points, 0 comments] comments/3ff5ev) 1. [Mountains [2560x1600. 107 points, 1. Pro­zess­ak­te. I've been experimenting with using ffmpeg todo screen recordings recently on my late 2013 MBP running macOS 10.13.6 and have been enjoying the results of the recordings, and am very impressed with the quality and size of the recordings. 👍 However I recorded a screencast the other and did not explicitly set certain settings when I started the record process, and I'd like to optimize the video for upload to youtube. The command I use to start the screen cast / recording is below. concurrent.


Hi all, I've been successfully using arch on my laptop for a over 3 years now, and recently I build a desktop computer and installed arch in it too.I've been having some problems when using the browser tho, same problem on firefox and chromium, sometimes the screen looks like in the image and it gets very difficult to read anything on the screen. I think it could be a video driver problem but I'm not sure how to fix it, I've already tried the arch wiki and including the Option "TearFree" true.

How should I upgrade my working/gaming PC

Just looking for a reality check/second opinion on a parts list I threw together to replace my parents old 2012 iMac. For reference, it's using an i5-3470S (4 cores, 4 threads at 2.9 GHz) 2x4gb of DDR3, a 1TB HDD, and a 1920x1080 built-in display. They won't be doing any gaming. My mom works from home as a freelance writer/editor/blogger and is a RAM hog - she loves having a ton of tabs and applications open. My dad would only use the PC occasionally, mainly for managing his music in iTunes. Help rearranging computer parts on pcpartpicker.



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