Movie Online Dead sexy www. (Wolf howl. pants :D. Movie Online Dead sexy costumes. Movie Online Dead sexy. The generic pop song ruins it. Movie Online Dead sexyy. Astaghfirullah... Right, well I had expected this to be a ghostly comedy, given the synopsis and the movie's poster/cover. Boy, was I in for a surprise. A surprise not of the good kind, mind you.
This movie was terrible, just terrible. It had absolutely nothing that resembled a plausible or interesting storyline. A girl working at a restaurant inherits a family house where a ghost is having sex with her and her friends. Yeah, that was essentially it. Talk about being a complete and utter waste of time.
"Dead Sexy" is essentially nothing more than a pseudo sleazy movie serving as an outlet to show off women's bodies and naked women's torsos. Keep in mind that this being women that have had so much surgery done to them that they now look like cast aside melting plastic human replicas.
The characters in the movie were every bit as pointless and laughable as what passed to be the storyline. All except for one single character, and that was the Bunny character, played by A.J. Villarreal. But of course, she she was a he, the character was quickly discarded from the ghostly house. br> About 30 minutes into the movie, my attention started drifting to my phone and I ended up watching YouTube videos instead. Once the movie passed 56 minutes, I simply had enough and I turned it off. Never returning to finish this movie, because it was a massive waste of time.
Don't get fooled by the movie's cover and synopsis, like I did, because you will be in for an hour and a half of pure torment with "Dead Sexy. Nothing sexy about this movie, but it was dead alright.

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