Ying xiong ben se 2018
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Author Денис Кафка

So, I'm going to start by saying that this movie is an homage to the 1986's movie A Better Tomorrow.
The story goes around two brothers and a friend, in opposite sides of the law, and the ups and downs in their lives.
1986 is one of my all-time favourites, in 2010 there was a korean remake of this movie, very competent as well.
This one hasn't got the finesse of Woo's shootouts - that why he is one of the most famous action director in asian/american cinema - and hasn't the "deepness" of the story in the korean version - usually the koreans try to build a solid story, and by doing so, they build characters, as well - but this is really a very good movie.
The story is straight forward, the pacing is very nice, there's a lot of action scenes, here, more direct and simple. br> So, eventhough there's no way this can match to the original, is, still, one hell of a joy ride.

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找死呢,一群人拿枪对着他们三,在那说啥废话呢?死编剧笨. 13:00 背景歌曲是什麼.


開槍係打心口呀 唔好打個肚呀 打個肚 無咁快死架🤣🤣🤣🤣.

ใครจะแสดงได้เทียบเท่า โจวเหวินฟะ ตี้หลุง และเลสลี่จางได้วะ

1:12:00. From some of the boldest music choices to drastic switches in tone of cinematography to one of the best shootout scenes in forever, A Better Tomorrow 2018 felt like a firework so bursting with life that it left me too busy savoring every minute details of brilliance to think about its flaws. You can just feel how much love and thought director Ding Sheng and the cast put into every scene. Even all the jokes avoid lazy one-liners but instead are all carefully set-up earlier to land perfectly.
The film itself is loosely based on the 1986 film by John Woo. While the overall story is the same, the tone is completely different. This one is louder, more fun, yet somehow has more grounded characters that loses some of the dramatic feel but still tells the story.
The boldest and most perfectly cast character in the film is the nepotism casting of Qingdao, the director's hometown and a port city that's also the beer capital of China (it was colonized by the Germans. Far from the rough, gritty urban streets of Hong Kong, the sprawling seaside port of Qingdao brings to the film more vibrant and boisterous street tales and a sense of lostness on the sea. The city is used as a story-telling device so much that it's hard to imagine the story being told anywhere else. Every aspect of the city is used, from a cool boat chase scene earlier on, to the contrast between Zhou Kai's floating boat home and Zhou Chao's grounded home, to Zhou Kai's post and Ma Ke's post-heist jobs both involving the sea, to its apparently very cool underground water system that sets as a location for several key scenes. All of those combine to form the theme of the story is brotherhood as a harbor, a haven for you no matter how far you've sailed.
Wang Kai gives one of his strongest performance yet as Zhou Kai, a reformed smuggler trying to make mends with his cop brother (Ma Tianyu) and his buddy Ma Ke (Darren Wang. There are certainly notable details that he added to his character, but for the most part, it just felt so natural. After the rather mediocre The Devotion of Suspect X, I had almost forgotten how good Wang Kai could be at acting. Not for a moment did I feel like he was giving the performance of his life, because it never feels like a performance. No lengthy monologues, no powerful speeches, no psychotic personalities, just Zhou Kai being Zhou Kai, an ordinary person in extraordinary situations.
The film feels completely different from the 1986 version. The synopsis is the same, and that's about it. The film knows its limits. Instead of trying to replicate the classic Chow Yun-fat role, Darren Wang's Ma Ke is a completely different but still lovable character. Darren Wang plays his forte as a street punk with a heart of a gold, and completely sold it. He did all his punchlines in character, and mostly sold emotional scenes. There was also shootout scene that he got to do that's nothing short of iconic, and he did not disappoint. A few of his mini-monologues could've used better delivery, but this is easily his best performances yet (although to be fair, that bar is not that high.
Compared to his co-stars, Ma Tianyu's performance was not so smooth-sailing. It's unfortunate because his role actually has a lot of room for character development, but Ma Tianyu was able to do the perfunctory acting as an officer and a little brother and that's it. There were three key scenes that jumped out as stagey, and two of them were due to Ma Tianyu's facial expressions (or lack there of. In one scene, Zhou Kai conveyed more emotion with his eyes alone than Zhou Chao with his whole body and face. Luckily, Ma Tianyu looks the part and did fine enough in most of the other scenes (and pulled off his other two key emotional scenes) to not be too much of a distraction.
The last scene that felt off was mostly due to poor martial arts choreography. The film is produced by Jackie Chan's company, so of course it is choreographed by Jackie Chan's team. Unfortunately, the hand-to-hand combat scenes had way too many edits for me to tell how good the choreography is, and at least one shootout had people falling weirdly. Two highly-stylized shootout scenes were amazingly edited, though, combining the beats and performances Peking opera and geisha dance with gunshots and punches.
It's a delight to see any director to use music as a character, a punchline, and to define mood, and Ding Sheng does all of those. The bold music uses mostly paid off, especially in all the fight/chase/shootout scenes. On the other hand, the use of hymns in two scenes felt out-of-place for a modern Chinese film, and the main theme was overused. Wang Leehom's theme song (penned by the director) was perfect for the scene it was used for. Either way, I was just excited to see a Chinese director unafraid to use music.
A Better Tomorrow 2018 may be far from perfect, but it gave me so much too love that I don't care.

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موقع التحميل و المشاهدة العربي الاول. That particular film, MI:2, was studio:ed to shit. The reason it failed was because it was BIG. Though I do agree that the film seriously lacked inspiration. John Woo needs to make a brand new, original film in the same tone as ABT. Not work on foreign (not in the national sense) franchises and do what HE does best. Thai wave studio หรือทีมพากษ์เสียงไทย แทนที่จะเป็นทีมพันธมิตรหนังหมดสนุกลงไปเยอะ. Sure, i can send it.