• Columnist: Anthony Picone
  • Bio: Disappointed Devils Fan. Stevens 2019, SHP 2014

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This sounds very bluesy, I thought it would be more old school style Metal, it's still good but my expectations were hoping for more heaviness. Resurrection Kings sound killer. Well done frontier records for signing this band and viv playing rock again get in.

I'm Proud and sad lol, Proud because you made it! but sadly the series ended

4:23 Gems... 911. 7 years later and i still get chills watching this. Good game. 12:34, Gagne scared the shit out of me. Dirt to davinci xD. This is real music. Humiliated Vancouver, where I live, swept St. Louis, and steamrolled over Phoeix and a blowout win over New Jersey. GO KINGS GO. From Vancouver. It's fun seeing Canucks fans lose every year. Thanks Fred. ~movie~trailer… Watch Last Devils Online Online, Fidelity Labs.


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