Carol Blymire the business of influence. Carol is an extraordinary Lesbian love story between Carol and Therese set in America of 1950s. The film is titled "Carol" and not "Carol and Therese" because Carol dominates. She schemes to hook the wide-eyed Therese, manipulates her and always manages to get her way. Their first encounter in the toy section of a department store sizzles with subtexts. Carol is shopping for a Christmas present for her 4-year old daughter and asks Therese, the store girl, to recommend a suitable doll. Therese prefers a train-set and the die is cast! She conveniently leaves behind her gloves on the counter so that Therese can reach out to her. Carol's marriage is unhappy, primarily because of her sexual orientation. She has another closet lover, an intriguing woman named Abby (played by a pokerfaced Sarah Paulson) who narrates one of their physical encounters to Therese and unhelpfully concludes. nobody knows why these things happen. Therese, played with great panache by Rooney Mara, is a foreigner, naïve, vulnerable, who can't ever say "No. Initially confused by Carol's advances, she decides to play along, unsure and confused about her own sexuality. As the film progresses, we see her personality evolving along with her photography skills. Another metaphor worth savouring, if you please. Are we watching the film from Therese's POV.


Carol Liao, Product designer.


Carol - Bring intelligence to business

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