Valyrian steel being crafted before the doom circa colorized

Great video as always! D. Gorgeous knife! Awesome videos, lovem all! More more more. I love this video man. Thanks a ton for sharing 😁. You are the best its wonder job Only an artisan like you can do it, wonderful, incredible There is no price for a knife like that right? congratulations again from ARGENTINA. Best I can do is 9.60.


Nice work, It's very video, a real craftsman at work. Sweet! Love ❤️ it.

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Nice knife. A truly very skilled craftsman, a pleasure to watch. Thank you. Absolutely beautiful. For sale. Lets be real all you want to see is 9:20. Great job. Looks amazing. And you're not even gonna cut a few pieces of paper with it. unacceptable. Very accurated work, fantastic artisan: wonderfull. I just watched it in reverse and now I know how to make screws! Thanks. A lot of imagination and talent on that one. Well done. Welcome to the club! I just polished the bevel on the kiridashi I made out of my first damascus billet. It's my EDC blade. I've done 3 cable damascus billets since then and I'm working on a larger stacked billet now.

How often do you go through that 20 pound tank. Loved it, loved the music! Keep the good work! Awesome.

Loving the forge videos, keep it up my dude

Beautiful! Great video too. Thank you for sharing your craft with us.

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